What we do

We genuinely enjoy doing everything we can to help clients find their ideal home and get top dollar when they sell.

Who We Are

Doug Bend

Doug is the Managing Real Estate Broker at BLG Properties. He particularly enjoys advising home buyers at the Lumina, where he purchased a condo as well as at The Harrison and The Towers, where he lived and knows the buildings inside and out.

Doug obtained his law degree from Georgetown. Working with a lawyer in the purchase or sale of your home matters as attorneys are trained to identify risks and to reduce them before making the biggest investment of your life. Also, while traditional real estate agents can merely fill in blanks on a standard agreement they are prohibited from practicing law. In contrast, Doug can customize agreements because he is also a licensed attorney.


Kaya Fujiwara

Kaya has assisted in hundreds of real estate transactions and helped clients find their home at The Lumina, The Infinity, Millennium Towers, The Brannan, The Metropolitan and One Rincon Hill - just to name a few.

She has a Bachelor of Arts in Urban and Regional Planning from the University of California, Irvine, and grew up in a family focused on residential and commercial real estate development. 

As your Realtor, Kaya will keep your best interests in mind and provide you with candid advise to help you think through your options when making one of the biggest decisions of your life.


SHalini Sadda

Shalini is a seasoned realtor at San Francisco based BLG Properties. Her dedication, tenacity and passion for her business has helped quickly build her reputation as a trusted realtor. With her intimate knowledge of the local San Francisco real estate market, Shalini has left an impression on clients throughout the city, as her online reviews testify to! As one of her clients put it - 'insightful, diligent, and gets the deal done'. In addition to residential clientele, she has also since expanded into commercial real estate, particularly serving clients in the restaurant industry. 

Prior to acquiring her realtor's license, Shalini was already well versed in the housing market in the Bay Area, with extensive experience from personal investing and selling, and in helping her friends in finding homes. She has also served on the Board for the Home Owners Association in two of SOMA's major condo developments (Millennium Tower and Lumina). As such, she is exceptionally positioned to provide valuable insight into the lifestyle that luxury condo living can offer, which her clients benefit from immensely.

When not busy with clients or attending to HOA matters, she loves traveling, trips to Napa, and, of course, taking in everything the city by the bay has to offer!

Buying a home is not like buying Apple stock. The home you purchase affects the quality of your life, each and every day. We genuinely enjoy doing everything we can to make a positive dent in the world by helping clients improve their quality of life by helping them find their ideal home.
— Doug Bend, BLG Properties