The Transformation Of A 1910's Farmhouse To A Vineyard Estate

In 2002, our client purchased a run down 1910's farmhouse in the Russian River area of Sonoma county and began the 14 year journey to restore it to an amazing wine country estate.

Here is a photo of the front of the farmhouse when they purchased the property:

image (1).png

This was the back of the farmhouse:

image (2).png

This was the backyard before they put in the 60-foot solar heated lap pool and the neighboring house, which they also purchased and renovated:

image (3).png

A large portion of the back of the home was removed and a 1,000 square foot terrace was installed.

image (4).png

All of the windows were also removed and replaced with custom wood windows to retain the farmhouse look:

6 - Kitchen Sink.jpg

This is an aerial shot of the refurbished home, lap pool, pool house and jacuzzi:

image (5).png

Nanowall doors were installed to provide a seamless transition from the inside to the outside of the home:

image (6).png

Ambient heated flooring was also installed:

3 - Kitchen Ambient, heated flooring.jpg

A carpenter beefed up the entry and the columns:

image (7).png

A second floor with an additional bedroom was added to the guest house:

image (8).png

Lastly, a big red barn was built that is not only scenic but also functional as it includes an elevator and an in-law unit with a bathroom and kitchen. 

20 - Barn.jpg

It also includes a temperature controlled 1,500 bottle wine cellar:

21 - Wine Cellar.jpg

As you can see, the transformation of the property is nothing short of astounding. To view more photos of this truly remarkable property, please visit