The Top 4 Questions To Find Your Ideal Home

Looking for a great home? Here are four questions to ask to help you separate the wheat from the chaff.

  1. What Is Your Targeted Purchase Price?

A great starting point is to get pre-approved for a mortgage so you know the home you can truly afford.

You may want a ten story mansion with a  pool and a basketball court, but can you realistically afford it? Even if you can afford the mortgage payments, would you be "home broke." That is, would you have anything left over after paying for your home mortgage for travel, eating out and other things you enjoy in life?

      2.  Location, Location, location!

Do you want to live in the city? A suburb? The countryside?

Particularly if you will be moving from one area to a new type of location you should consider moving to the new location for one to three months to give it a living test drive.

You may like the idea of living in the countryside and having your own garden but what would be your commute to work? How far is the closest grocery store? What will you do for entertainment?

It is better to experience the pros and cons of a new environment on a trial run than after you have made a large financial and life commitment to make the shift.

     3.  What Type Of Home Do You Want To Live In?

Do you want to live in a historic home? A condo? A home with a beautiful, big yard?

Do some research to make sure you know of the time and financial commitments of the type of home you want to live in.

A historic home might seem nice on paper, but what are the restraints on renovations? What are the energy bills like?

The pool at the condo might seem inviting, but what are the HOA fees? Are you game for dealing with all of the HOA rules?

You might envision yourself sitting on your deck overlooking your big, beautiful yard, but are you will to commit several hours a week to taking care of the yard or to spending money on a gardener?

Be sure to give some serious thought not only about the upsides of a potential home purchase, but also the time and financial commitments to maintaining the home.

4. What Are Your Particular Needs?

Before buying a home, give serious consideration as to what you want your day to day life to be.

For example, do you have children? Then you should pay more attention to the schools in the neighborhood than if you are 55 and are planning to retire.

Do you have a car? If so, is there suitable street parking or should a garage be a must have?  

Every home buyer is different and so each one will have a different home that would be ideal for their dream lifestyle.

Finding your ideal home takes time and thoughtful consideration. Do you need a fantastic real estate agent to help you find your ideal home? If so, give us a call at (415) 297-6370.