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What Are San Francisco's Most Expensive Neighborhoods?

A new study shows that the Pacific Heights/Cow Hollow neighborhood has the most expensive listings in San Francisco with 8 homes listed at more than $10 million. Russian/Telegraph & Nob Hills district has the most expensive average price per square foot at a whopping $1,616.

Curious what about the most affordable neighborhoods in San Francisco are? You can check those out here.

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The Most Expensive Homes Sold In SF In 2015

The most expensive homes sold in San Francisco in 2015 were in Pacific Heights, including a $31 million home. You can view a slide show of the top ten most expensive homes sold in SF in 2015 here.

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Why Whole Foods, Starbucks and Trader Joe's Could Be Your Best Neighbors

A new study shows that a Whole Foods or Trader Joe's opening in a neighborhood results in a more rapid increase in home prices.

In fact, homes within a 1/2 mile of either Whole Foods or Trader Joe's are worth more than twice as much as the median home price in the rest of the U.S.

Being located close to a Starbucks has also been shown to have a positive affect on the value of homes.

And so if a Whole Foods, Trader Joe's or Starbucks opens close to your home, toast a cup of java to the likely positive appreciation that will result in the value of your home.

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The Most Expensive Homes For Sale In Every State

Thrillist has released a report of the most expensive homes for sale in every state including a $3.7 million home in Nebraska, where BLG Properties founder Doug Bend grew up, to a $135 million home in Beverly Hills, California. You can review the full report here.

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